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    It's such a long long time I didn't update this blog. But no worries, here I am coming back now bring you the latest of my work of art. Yes, I am busy with Facebook stuffs :). Most of my update works posted there. But from now on, I think I am gonna take this blogs more seriously.

    Ahh yes, I just join with Urban Sketchers Bali couples months ago. Most of the members is architects, landscape designer, graphic designer, illustrators, comic artist etc. So in this community we share everything about "On the spot" sketching. Most of us using watercolors and inks. So I make additional page to this blog: 'WATERCOLORS". Please feel free to check it out. It's all my watercolors paintings since I join the community. :)

    And here we go... back to my "intimate" world when each soul reach the loudness of silence. I presenting you the "Longing". Enjoy!

     "Woman With Mask"
    Oil and Acrylic on canvas
    © Arif Bahtiar, 2012
    All Right Reserved

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