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    Black Star

    Black Star ©Arif Bahtiar 2013

    What I thought when I made this piece is I try to play the semiotic issue. "Falling star" is known as a sign of lucky. It's a spiritual motivation. Some peoples make some wishes when they see it in the sky. But here we go, there's a fallen black star that incidentally slip from a sacred subject. I try to manifest the absurdity and relativity about the meaning of that sign based on what you got in there. It's not a common sign anyway. It's a "Black Star". So there's two opposites meaning for this. Is it a Good Luck? or is it a Bad Luck like a curse?

    However, the final answer is back to what we believes. When we trust it, then it will be a strong motivation to act or not. The final decision is right in your heart.

    Hopes you enjoy this post, and have a great day!

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